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We work a lot of indefinite time around the world, but it keeps finding ways that can make this the best amazing Android app. - No matter what kind of lunch you added, they will do their best to make your office or home and you dont need any time. Android Studio 4.0 this gives us a fresh look at new tools for smarter coding, improve your app quickly and develop an app that will depend on your user, and become it stable as it is now.

This includes some new Android Studio 4.0 editor at a time that will help you start the app with 8 more reasons to explore the api and Java languages, as the time set will slow down when you can use the API additionally, at a minimal level. On your thought, we are also processing the CPU Profiler user interface to provide parallel activity analysis and process operation more intuitively. Can now your interface to improve the UI layout inspectors show exactly so that you can easily debug what is displayed on the device.

As always, it would be impossible to view these releases without first contacting us. So you can look forward or down this feature of the main and new read so that you can stably find these versions. If youre ready to jump in and take a look at your official website, now click on Android 4.0 Studio download directly on.

MotionLayout ConstraintLayout provides an API of advanced features, as this app will help in complex movements through android widgets. With easy editing, this new api in android 4.0 Motion Studio Editor is an interface for creating powerful, preview, edit, and animation MotionLayout. You can create more than just modify an xml file to help you create a motion constraint and edit the editor using set, move frames and view basic attributes. And if you really want to see the code, make an editor that will allow it to join blogs. Just as handy as why you can work with the ConstraintLayout already in use, the IDE can be easily changed with MotionLayout. More training
Create, view, and edit motion animation editor

Create, view, and edit motion animation editor
Updating site layouts

Have you ever wanted to get a specific meaning of the item that you will spend? Is it easy to have a black or live view on the hierarchy for different views? With the new interface, the intuitive bookmark layout of the custom inspector is much more clear, allowing you to get information by constantly updating them along with the app, by submitting and giving us information about how it happened.
The app brings a real-time layout to put a bet with the interface

The app brings a real-time layout to put a bet with the interface

Layout inspector live is used to select the main menu view > The tool window > Inspector layout. If you have access to functions at a higher level of the API that can update the structure, dynamics, and hierarchy of layouts, this changes the look of how they also help to get a detailed view of the attributes, as well as determine the value of how resources are allowed to run in live and 3D models, opening up the user interface. Go in mind to go to the optional laptop and get started with, debug interfaces allow you to refine every inch to a custom pixel. More training
Layout research

Check the Interface itself to compare multiple screen layouts with the custom one

When you work on multiple form factors and screen size resolutions, you need to make sure that you can make changes to your user interface, your screen will each look good when you protect them. Simultaneously with the layout screens on different layout configurations, you can check in the viewport with Stories, so you can easily make sure that your app looks very good on different devices. To get started, I had the opportunity to check the top corner of the page on the layout of the ide tab.
The profile works and
The upgrade process interface

Improving the user interface with CPU profiling

Dreamly provides rich information on how you generate and generate additional CPU activity volume. So, we give you feedback on how to make it easy to understand, we can make an even more intuitive data user interface, of course we are listening. The android registration process is currently underway, and the core group 4.0 Profilers Studio has been created to facilitate analysis. You can move down and up inside groups or drag items depending on which group you have.

Parallel flow of redundant activity! analysis

Now you can temporarily simplify the process to view a parallel analysis of all the threads (including steps, events, and functions) and navigate, easily navigate through the new shortcut information to view-for example, using the W, A, DS keys for grants and panning, etc. We also use a custom data trace system, which is the best option in order to have the right unique graph, so that the threads sort, first load much more resources to concentrate on the information flows, and now you can view to select only. Finally, we put the process as a profiler, and so we see a lot of errors happening much more often to write, reports the android 3.6 studio user and started.
Compression of the rules of code editing with smart features

Intelligent editor for writing R8

R8 Gradle plugin 3.4.0 provides Android dumping for you compression, crashing, and dexing one-step optimization and use it to lead performance to significantly improve. Thanks to intelligent features, the R8 File Editor for android is now created by Studio with syntax highlighting, which leads to validation and shutdown errors. In addition, you can include the entire class and field for Android as a complete software connecting courses, as well as fast and refactoring features.
IntelliJ IDEA Platform Update 2019.3

Intellij is working with the main version of the idea environment improvement and is updating Android 2019.3 IDE 2019.3.3 studio. This is the foundation of the entire ide, aimed at improving and accelerating the quality of the environment.
Android Live Kotlin Template

Templates Live-intellijk are features that allow you to use the profile design in the code, the main set of words. Now your live action codes for android studio kotlin includes live action special for android. For example, to place toasts, just press Tab and press the key to expand the code quickly and template code toasts. In the template editor menu list to select full > live window, the Template options (or preferences) have been fixed.
C Clangd support

In order to make c++, we can move on from clangdong as the main mechanism for navigating through the code, after it finishes, and specific warnings and errors. Now we are connecting the new clang-Studio with tidy Android. For Clangd or Clang-Tidy itself to install the ide switches to settings (or incorrectly), and go to Languages and Frameworks > C/C > Clangd or Clang-Tidy and configure the settings.

Android Analyzer support includes android Gradle api plugin android Studio 4.0.0 8 (minimum API level, no matter which app) - features that are created and dynamically implemented between See the full list of Android 4.0.0 Gradle Update plugin Note.
The Construction Of The Road.

Help video performance by troubleshooting crashes and set errors

Gradle relies on custom logic to work and collect various plagiarisms or adaptations of the application for its system. This can lead to an increase in the consumption of the wrong set of time, or lead to loss and anxiety. This will help you clean up the bottleneck and realize that you are here, and the challenge is to make a common plugin that offers the most responsible time to collect, as well as reduce the regression on mitigation. More training
Java language D8 and 8th city library D8 r8 descriptor

This is each plugin for the Java language, supports different API levels of the Android Gradle version with reference to experience, aiding processes and techniques, particularly desensitization. This extends the support of the api 4.0 studio desugaring engine for the Java language, unless you use minSdkVersion additionally. So now you can use the standard API, but it can be their latest android version or (like java).util. stream, java.util. function, and java. time). More training

Function-related functions

You can now use the Android plugins gradlex 4.0.0 shows dynamics and other modular features are associated with. This plugin guarantees the ability to install that you need an additional feature to unlock various modules, which simply introduces your request to a much smaller amount. For example, there is a function that can be associated with a video :camera. If you want to unlock the video the user can download the app automatic module: camera; will request :video. More training