"Tom And Jerry" Trailer Is Here To Ruin Your Childhood Memories

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Warner Bros. has released the first official trailer for Tom and Jerry, a new live action and animated movie online. The film was created entirely to bring the cat and mouse Duo from the classic 90s cartoon back to the big screen. Youve seen them make TV history, now get ready to watch them take over new York and possibly destroy some of your childhood memories.

The trailer begins with a small chance at a friendship between Tom and Jerry. But, as we said, it doesnt last long when Jerry lures Tom to get hit by a truck. And this is just the beginning of their long-running modern feud. In the film, Jerry has settled into a modern hotel where a new employee (played by Cho grace Mortes) has been assigned to take care of his "mouse problem" before a strong wedding. Instead of hiring fighters, she decided to seek help from a natural rival, and of course, Tom is eager to appear at this job in a lobby boy hat. The Tom and Jerry trailer teases the characters characteristic battles in a world populated by people and cartoons.

Tom and Jerry dont look so bad on their own. The formula for mixing live action with animation is applied to movies and up to quite successfully, take Space jam, for example. But something about the "Tom and Jerry" movie trailer doesnt look like it, and it may have something to do with how the live actors interact WITH the 3D/CGI titular characters. The interaction isnt smooth enough to feel natural, so the actions of the human actor seem incoherent.

Also, things havent been going so well in the classics adaptation Department lately. Between Sonic: Hedgegog, who narrowly escaped being turned into a trash fire (but not quite), and Dumbo, who failed to impress fans before, audience skepticism has been brewing for some time. While its hard to decide the fate of the latest "Tom and Jerry" movie with such a short clip, some fans are already comparing it to the original. And this is one of the battles that adaptation is known to lose.

— Mind Reader (@MasterofBillys) November 17, 2020