Benefits of Dedicated Server

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1. Reliability

On a shared server, resources are shared by multiple users, so a business that uses more resources will affect the performance of other users. Companies that choose a dedicated server should not share resources with other users, which improves the performance of their website and helps better manage traffic. In addition, the business has full control over the resources and can control factors such as browser compatibility, advertising, and photos that affect the performance of the website.

2. unique IP address

Websites hosted on a shared server have the same IP address, which can lead to different problems. For example, a website that is blacklisted on a shared server may affect the rating of other sites. A company that collects a dedicated server receives a unique IP address, which provides a unique identification of the business and increases the reputation of the organization.

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3. Security

Choosing a dedicated server will mean that no one else can access your server, which will help increase the security of your business. In addition, many dedicated servers meet the payment card industry data security standard,which is a data hosting requirement for companies that accept card payments. You can also manage your firewall settings, which helps improve security standards without affecting website performance.

4. Seamless support

Specialized server hosting packages include 24-hour support that helps resolve maintenance issues and other issues. Your it team should not spend much time performing various server support tasks, such as managing local server updates and updating antivirus protection. Your team members can use the buffer time to complete their main tasks, such as developing and implementing it policies.

5. setting up

With a dedicated server, you have full control over the server environment, and you can configure the processor, disk space, RAM, and software to suit your business needs. You can also change the platform and operating system that helps you manage various projects.