Six Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

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Compared to any virtualized solution such as cloud hosting, a dedicated hosting server will always perform better, even if the two solutions seem to have the same amount of CPU cores, RAM, and disk space. There are several variables that reduce the performance of virtual servers and cloud solutions. The first of these variables is the fact that cloud server vendors easily and frequently resell the server resources they use. To clarify this point, let's look at the General configuration of the hypervisor server used by many cloud computing providers in the industry-the dual Heon E5-2620. This server has 16 physical cores + 16 virtual hypertroding cores, providing a total of 32 cores (we'll go to virtual cores in a minute). You might think that the largest number of single - core VMS that a cloud provider can host on this system is 32 or 16 dual-core VMS, right? Error! Computing providers can control resource usage, and if you purchased a 2-core VM but only use half the core capacity, they can sell the remaining 1 and 1/2 cores to someone else, effectively reselling and actual server resource load. Common sense tells you that if you share 32 cores with more than 32 other users, you will not experience optimal performance. Then we talk about "virtual cores". If you buy an 8-core VM in the cloud, you actually get 4 physical cores and 4 virtual cores, which is definitely not the same as what you got on an 8-core processor on a dedicated server. You will notice that most cloud providers refer to processor resources as"b-cores". This is their clever way of selling you half of what you think you are getting. An 8-core processor on a dedicated server gives you the full power of 8 physical cores plus an additional 8 virtual hyperproduction cores. In other words, you can expect twice the computing power of an 8-core server compared to 8-core VMS. Finally, there are overhead resources for virtualization on a physical server, which is actually an entire cloud virtualized by a physical server. Backup software that makes the server "virtualized " or" cloud-based " requires system resources, which results in a nice little tax on the efficiency of your solution. With a dedicated server, there is no performance tax, no other users, and no resale. You get 100% server performance and capacity just for yourself.

Hosting specialized servers provides a higher level of security

Are dedicated servers more secure? If you ask this question, security is a key element in finding a solution for hosting a dedicated server. A dedicated server may be the right choice for you when it comes to security. Part of the evidence is contained in the title"dedicated". Unlike the parameters of a virtual private server, the dedicated server and its associated resources are not located on a machine where multiple data points are transmitted. Because the resource is not shared, physical access to the machine is much more controlled compared to alternative server configurations and hosting environments. Physical security is also a key factor. When purchasing a dedicated server from a hosting provider such as Vicelocity, the dedicated servers are hosted in a secure data center with controlled access points for on-site staff. This increased security level also makes it easier to achieve compliance with HIPAA and CCC with specialized servers.

Dedicated Servers Provide More Access Control

When using a dedicated server, the user gets administrative or "root access" to the server . This level of access gives you more control over the hardware and software of the device, and this would not be possible if the server resources or data were shared by different users. You can configure the server and the resources it uses as you see fit.

Quick Setup And Scalability

Dedicated servers can be quickly configured for the right combination of computing power and storage to suit your specific needs. Our servers can be configured in thousands of different ways, ensuring that you are provided with the exact hardware that best meets your requirements. Since your computing needs are likely to change over time, a dedicated server also offers the flexibility that many require from a hosting solution that is expected to grow over time.

Upgrading to a processor with more cores or a higher clock speed, adding more RAM or a larger hard drive is quick and easy, and usually requires only a few minutes of downtime. When you open a ticket with our sales team, you will be able to discuss the right options based on your growing needs and plan your upgrade at the optimal time for you.

Infrastructure Reliability

Given their physical nature, dedicated servers are hosted in the data center. These data centers offer backup power supplies to keep servers running when local power networks fail. HIV data centers have a mix of various useful channels and backup diesel generator power to support data flow when power is off.