In June, Tictoc installed more than 87 million times

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A new report on the sensor tower showed that Tiktok was installed more than 87 million times in June 2020.

According to the report,:

TikTok was the most popular non-gaming app in the world, in June 2020.with more than 87 million installations, which is 52.7% more than in June 2019. The countries with the highest number of apps installed during this period are India with 18.8 percent of total downloads and the United States with 8.7 percent. Complete ranking of the top 10 non-gaming apps worldwide for download for June 2020.higher. Score download the app from the tower sensor platform of the game.

Keeping up with many, the zoom video conferencing app ranks second with almost 71.2 million installations, more than 34 times downloading it in the same month last year. Again, India leads the market with 30.8% of downloads, and the US with 11.3%. Facebook, Instagram and Vatsapp completed the top five Android. On IOS, YouTube was more popular than Facebook..

Interestingly, the scale has surpassed Wasap in popularity on Android compared to the may data.

Over the past few days, it has become clear that Google and Apple have complied with the Indian government's ban on 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok, by removing them from their respective app markets last week. Not only that, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo recently noted that the US government is considering banning Tiktok due to concerns about censorship and data privacy. Of course, a ban in India could do a lot of harm to Tiktok's set-up indicators in the future.