Learn about the tax deduction of mortgage insurance premiums

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Mortgage insurance premiums can significantly increase your monthly budget. By the end of 2016, they are averaging between $ 100 and $ 200 per month. But sometimes they are taxed-at least until the end of this tax year.
The law to protect Americans from tax increases

The tax benefits and health care act first introduced the mortgage insurance franchise in 2006. Congress has extended it to 2015., when adopted the law On the protection of Americans from increased taxes (the way). But in accordance with the terms of the road traffic law, the deduction period expired on December 31, 2016. The extension was only good for one year.

This franchise can't disappear forever, because Congress can renew it. This is one of those deductions that the government reviews annually and can be considered as part of President trump's tax reform bill, which he says is aimed at helping middle-income families.

Taxpayers who can claim this deduction are middle-income families because they gradually disappear and become unaffordable at higher income levels. Mortgage rates and property taxes remain safe in 2017. Only the mortgage insurance deduction is terminated.
Mortgage insurance

Lenders usually require a private mortgage loan to secure the debt in the event of default. It is charged by buyers who cannot make an advance payment of at least 20%. An insurance policy can be issued by a private insurance company or the Federal housing administration, the rural housing service of the Department of agriculture, or the Department of veterans.
Loans That Meet The Requirements

The mortgage insurance premium deductible applies only to loans issued on or after January 1, 2007. The insurance policy must be designed to buy a home on the first or second home loan. A home purchase debt is a debt whose income is used to buy, build, or significantly improve a home.

Usually you can't rent a second home-you have to use it personally, for example, for a vacation. However, you can still qualify for a franchise if you view a second home as a business asset that generates revenue. Home loans are not eligible for deduction, nor are they eligible for cash refinancing. However, refinancing loans up to the amount of the original mortgage are covered.
Income Restrictions

You are not eligible to claim this deductible if your adjusted gross income exceeds $ 109,000 or $ 54,500 if you are married and file a separate tax return. The deductible begins "in stages" with lower income restrictions: $ 100,000 for singles,, head of household and family taxpayers who jointly apply, and $ 50,000 for married taxpayers who file separate returns. This phase-out requires you to deduct 10% of the amount of premiums you paid for every $ 1,000 if your income exceeds $ 100,000 or $ 50,000, depending on the amount that is applicable.

You can find your AGI in line 37 of your tax return on form 1040.
Franchise contender

Mortgage insurance premiums paid during the year are recorded on form 1098. You must receive this form from your lender after the end of the tax year. You can find the amount you paid as premiums in column 4. There is currently no limit on the amount of deductible you can request if you and your loan meet the requirements.

You can deduct the entire amount. Prepaid premiums can be distributed over the loan term or 84 months, whichever is shorter, in accordance with the IRS decision announced in notice 2008-15.

Mortgage insurance premiums are a detailed tax deduction. They are reported in order 13 on graph a: "the interest you paid."You can't qualify for a mortgage insurance premium deduction if you apply for a standard deduction-you have to list it using schedule A.
Cancellation Of Insurance

Since it is unknown when and whether Congress will breathe additional life into this deductible, It may pay to check your current mortgage balance against the fair market value of your home. You no longer need to pay a private mortgage when your equity in the property exceeds 20%, but it is unlikely that your lender or insurer will tell you this.

No one voluntarily cancels your insurance when you get into this magic number,but you can. Be prepared for your home to be appraised or the price to be determined in another way by a professional so that you can prove that insurance is no longer required. Even if it turns out that Congress is not renewing the loan, you can save some money, no matter what, by taking action to reverse your policy.
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Tax legislation changes periodically, and you should consult a tax specialist for the most up-to-date advice. The information contained in this article is not intended to provide tax advice and is not a substitute for tax advice.